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LPS provides better pipeline design using pipeline hydraulics and surge analysis.  These pipeline engineering services, supported by our technology, form the backbone of capabilities.  Call us today at 713-937-7875 or e-mail us at info@lindenprofessional.com to discuss your situation.

Pipeline Hydraulic Studies

LPS uses its own software and complex packaged software to analyze steady state and transient flow conditions.  Our years of pipping engineering experience provide cost effective results.  Call us today to discuss your situation.

Pipeline Surge Analysis and Relief

We define potential pipeline overpressure scenarios and specify adequate surge relief systems. A standardized study report documents your due diligence.

Implementation of Simulation Based Pipeline Trainers

Using LPS-developed technology we can implement a Pipeline Trainer which has the same “look and feel” of your pipeline control system. First we model your pipeline. The model generates pressure and flow data. The next step is to simulate your SCADA screens. Alternately, we can interface to a copy of your SCADA system. Then scenarios are developed to train the pipeline operators. These scenarios can contain abnormal events to train the operator. Also normal supply/delivery switches can be simulated to train operators on normal operations

SCADA Applications and Specifications

We specify and design your system and manage its development.  We can consolidate requirements for building or upgrading your system.

Operational Analysis

We can identify your bottlenecks and build systems to improve your operations.  In many cases we use LPS technology to implement these solutions.  These studies can provide more gas to sell instead of burning it, reduce wear on compression units and relieve operations of the burden of “Unit Selection.”

Linden Professional Services

Linden Professional Services